Make Up Your Mind (feat. Linda Babb)

Darryl Jackson
Darryl Jackson


Make up your mind


You're playing with me pretty baby it's plain to see

You think it's fun and that maybe you're fooling me

You can't go round breakin hearts

I'm putting down your careless ways

And tellin you from the start

I don't believe a word you say


I can see a light in your eyes I wanna think you're  true

I'm wondering if there's a wrong or right

In what you say and do


Make up your mind pretty baby

Don't tell me lies

Ain't got no time playin games Are u crazy

You better treat me right


Seems you've had a lot of chances to tell me how you feel

I need a love with some sweet romances

A giving heart that's true


I've heard some talk as of lately 'bout what you do

You play around and you try and make me

You're breaking all the rules


You got a chance today or I'm walkin away

Make up your mind cuz you're just wasting my time


Make up your mind Don't tell me lies


You're playing with me Your playing with me


I've been right here waiting for you

when you needed me

Your kind of of love is just acting

How you're treating me


Should I believe what you say

Or just be walkin away

Make up your mind Cuz you're just wasting my time

Make up your mind.

Don't tell me lies  make up your mind


Make up your mind (repeat to fade)