Best of Sparks Award 2022

VectraSound Recording Studio Receives 2022 Best of Sparks Award

Sparks Award Program Honors the Achievement

SPARKS September 10, 2022 -- VectraSound Recording Studio has been selected for the 2022 Best of Sparks Award in the Recording Studio category by the Sparks Award Program. Each year, the Sparks Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community.

Song Reviews

Song Review by Andre Avanessian

Don't look back

Overall Impression:

Having listened to Darryl Jackson's bold and courageous symphonic metal offering "Don't Look Back" a few times now, the word "epic" most certainly springs to mind. With an imposing feeling of both scale and grandeur, "Don't Look Back" offers listeners an absorbing experience that's powered by a bold sense of creativity and an exhilarating eye for melody. It's in no way a walk in a park to be able to effectively meld conventional rock and metal styles with orchestral elements, it's a balancing act that requires an acute level of delicacy and even greater attention to detail, and whilst there are a few areas in the mix that could perhaps be very slightly improved upon, I think Darryl has done a sterling job of capturing that grand feeling of awe and wonder that the genre is so synonymous with.

song review by steven azami

What I'm Saying

Overall Impression: 

 "What I'm Saying" is an exciting new release from veteran musician/composer/producer Darryl Jackson. The highly skilled multi-instrumentalist not only plays every instrument on this track, he also performs all the vocals and self produced this energetic folk rock number that's tinged with jazz influences and prog rock elements.

The result is a polished and highly focused piece of song craft that features a driving rhythm section and some stellar displays of musicianship, particularly evidenced by the piano flourishes and brilliant guitar leads that perfectly complement Jackson's weathered vocal style.