From the recording Don't Look Back

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Orpheus was given the gift of charming everyone with his music. When his wife Eurydice's (Yuh-rid-ih-see) died he was inconsolable. His music made the whole world grieve and sorrow. Hades, god of the Underworld, granted Orpheus access to the Underworld to bring Eurydice back to the land of the living. The only catch was that he could not look at Eurydice until they had left the Underworld. She hears his voice and his playing of the lute which awakens her from her deathly slumber. She rises to follow him to the threshold of the Underworld. This is a retelling of the story from Eurydice's perspective.

DARJAX is Darryl Jackson. Don't Look Back, composed, recorded, produced, arranged, and all instruments played by Darryl Jackson. Lyrics and vocals by Marion Martin.


Into the Darkness I hear your music
Your melody is the key to my heart
You’ve come to save me
To set me free
To rise up from the Shadows
To raise me from the Grave

Lead me on ever upward
I will follow you after
Be true to our love
Don’t Look Back

You sense my presence somewhere in the darkness
Trust that I follow wherever you lead
Over the Meadow
Crossing the River
To rise up from the Shadow
To raise me from this Grave

Although your heart’s been grieving
A light shines from the threshold
Be true to our love
Don’t Look Back

Fight against the darkness
Rail against the thought
That wants to doubt my presence
And steal away the dawn
We’re standing at the threshold
Push forward to cross over
An unseen thread connects us
Pull me from this darkness

The dawn shines down upon us
Don’t Look Back